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Festival Music spacer Code: mb0117
Product Title: Festival Music
Artist: Central Band of the German Federal Armed Forces
Conductor: Michael Schramm
Country: Holland
Format: DDD
Price: £2.00
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   Festival Music  (Kurt Gable)  [3.54]
2   The Bells of Notre Dame  (Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz / Andre Waignein)  [7.24]
3   Humanos (Hymn of the Human Rights)  (Jan Van der Roost)  [2.35]
4   Zwei Prozessionsmärsche - St Peter und Paul. St Johann  (Franz Watz)  [3.42]
5   St Johann  (Franz Watz)  [4.16]
6   Cortege  (Jan Hadremann)  [5.06]
7   Dort Tanzt Lu-Lu  (Will Meisel / Otto M Schwarz)  [8.27]
8   In Guter Laune  (Michael Friedmann)  [3.02]
9   Joy Of Music  (Jan Hadermann)  [7.48]
10   Disco-Schlager '77  (Werner Twardy/ Bobby Schmidt/Udo Jurgens / Franz Watz)  [8.31]
11   Drum Time  (Wim Laseroms)  [3.56]
12   Tanzefestival  (Peter Reidemann)  [6.57]
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