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Product Title: Flash
Artist: Sandstorm Brass
Country: UK
Format: DDD
Price: £2.00
Notes: Richard Marshall / Alan Morrison - Cornet. Nick Hudson - Trombone.Sandy Smith - Tenor Horn. Shaun Crowther - Tuba
Sandstorm Music was formed in 1998 to cater for the increasing demand for the creative, quality brass band arrangements and compositions of Sandy Smith and school friend Andy Duncan - many of which have been featured in the programmes of most of Bntains top Brass Bands. It began with just two titles, but now lists over 60 exciting arrangements in its 'catalogue'. Sandstorm Brass is simply an extension of the musical output of the company and proudly features five of the finest players in Europe.
Sandstorm Brass now leads the field in educational seminars masterclasses and demonstrations. The group play an entertaining broad base of types and styles of music from well known tunes for the younger audience (5-11yrs) to -Bach' and -Blues' for those thirsting for a classy, brass explosion of life and vitality.The diary for this, their first full year together, includesappearances at such famous concert halls as The Royal Albert Hall London, and The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. Also included in their calendar are visits to Universities, Music Colleges and Art
Festivals. Whatever the occasion or venue, the group always seek to give the same, top quality and polished performance.New music is a priority to the group - no less than six new compositions and arrangements have been commissioned this year alone. The aim is to not only play good quality music but have it written for the group - from contemporary to classical.
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   The Flash  - Sandstorm Brass (Carlo Mora / Sandy Smith)  [1.54]
2   Ain't Misbehavin'  - Sandstorm Brass (Fats Waller / Lee Norris)  [2.54]
3   Five Elizabethan Dances - Watkins Ale  - Sandstorm Brass (Alan Fernie)  [1.38]
4   The Earl of Salisbury's Pavanne  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.14]
5   Wolsey's Wilde  - Sandstorm Brass   [1.26]
6   Tower hill  - Sandstorm Brass   [1.05]
7   My Selfe  - Sandstorm Brass   [1.50]
8   Gymnopodie No 1  - Sandstorm Brass (Eric Satie / Sandy Smith)  [2.50]
9   Struth! - Start Tappin  - Sandstorm Brass (Chris Hazell)  [3.40]
10   Restin' up  - Sandstorm Brass   [4.47]
11   Trekkin' Home  - Sandstorm Brass   [4.04]
12   Air form Suite no 1 in G  - Sandstorm Brass (J S Bach / Alfred Frackenpohl)  [4.44]
13   Folk Song Fantasy  - Sandstorm Brass (Joseph Horovitz)  [2.10]
14   Suite for Brass No 1 - 1st Movement  - Sandstorm Brass (Ron Goodwin)  [2.19]
15   2nd Movement  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.14]
16   3rd Movement  - Sandstorm Brass   [1.20]
17   4th Movement  - Sandstorm Brass   [1.39]
18   Two Spirituals - Swing Low  - Sandstorm Brass (Alan Fernie)  [1.39]
19   Joshua Fit de Battle  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.51]
20   Harlem Rag March  - Sandstorm Brass (Thomas Turpin / Ray Woodfield)  [2.14]
21   Songs of the American Dream - She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain  - Sandstorm Brass (Martin Ellerby)  [2.02]
22   Every Night when the sun goes down  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.12]
23   The Trail to Mexico / Tom Dooley  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.35]
24   Shenandoah  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.18]
25   Blue Tail Fly / Buffalo Gals  - Sandstorm Brass   [2.43]
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