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Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 2016 (2cds) spacer Code: bb0967
Product Title: Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 2016 (2cds)
Artist: Various Brass Bands
Country: UK
Format: Dolby
Price: £18.50
Notes: Recorded live from Le Nouveau Siecle Lille, France
Track List Disc No: 1 Artist Composer Arranger
1   Fraternity  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) (Thierry Deleruyelle)  [18.29]
2   You Raise Me Up  - Jeremy Coquoz with Brass Band Nord Pas-de-Calais (Dr Luc Vertommen) (Rolf Lovland / Andrew Duncan)  [5.19]
3   The Light Fantastic  - European Youth Brass Band (Eric Janssen) (Paul Lovatt Cooper)  [3.53]
4   Samson  - Brass Band Sachsen (Bryan Allen) (Rodolphe Schacher)  [12.17]
5   Cossack Fire Dance  - Young Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet) (Peter Graham)  [5.15]
6   Hypercube  - Paris Brass Band (Florent Didier) (Oliver Waespi)  [18.14]
Track List Disc No: 2 Artist Composer Arranger
1   Toccata from Organ Symphony No 5  - Black Dyke Band (Prof. Nicholas Childs) (Widor / Sparke)  [4.06]
2   Ravelling, Unravelling  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) (Philip Sparke)  [16.51]
3   Cornet Concerto (Movements 2 & 3  - Richard Mashall with Black Dyke Band (Edward Gregson)  [11.02]
4   Hymne des Fraternises  - Brass Band Nord Pas-de-Calais (Philippe Rombi / Luc Vertommen)  [4.51]
5   Brass Code  - European Youth Brass Band (Thierry Deleruyelle)  [5.07]
6   Yellow  - European Youth Brass Band (Coldplay / Dean Jones)  [3.46]
7   Norwegian Dance  - Tertnes Skoles Musikkorps (Jan Egil Jorgensen) (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)  [3.50]
8   Symphony of Scarlet & Gold  - Black Dyke Band (Peter Graham)  [9.37]
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