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Black Dyke Gold Volume V spacer Code: bb0965
Product Title: Black Dyke Gold Volume V
Artist: Black Dyke Band
Musical Director: Professor Nicholas J Child
Country: UK
Format: Dolby
Total Playing Time: 63:58
Price: N/A
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   Gallipoli 100 March (Esprit de Corps)  - Black Dyke Band (Martin Ellerby)  [2.20]
2   Symphony of Scarlet & Gold : Fanfare  - Black Dyke Band (Peter Graham)  [2.37]
3   Symphony of Scarlet & Gold : Legacy  - Black Dyke Band (Peter Graham)  [2.38]
4   Symphony of Scarlet & Gold: Meditation  - Black Dyke Band (Peter Graham)  [4.59]
5   Symphony of Scarlet & Gold: Finale  - Black Dyke Band (Peter Graham)  [4.06]
6   By Trevone Bay  - Black Dyke Band Flugel Horn Soloist: Zoe Hancock (Paul Lovatt Cooper)  [4.34]
7   Trumpets Wild  - Cornet Soloists: James Shepherd, Matthew Baker & Richard Marshall accompanied by Black Dyke Band (Harold Walters)  [2.49]
8   Lets Face the Music and Dance  - Black Dyke Band (Berlin / Goff Richards)  [3.45]
9   New World Fatasy  - Black Dyke Band (Gordon Langford)  [8.23]
10   Yellow Submarine  - Black Dyke Reunion Band conducted by Derek Broadbent (Lennon & McCartney / derek Broadbent)  [3.52]
11   Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair  - Black Dyke Band Trombone Soloist: Christopher Binns (Foster / Roger Harvey)  [3.06]
12   Cantilena  - Black Dyke Band (Philip Sparke)  [4.22]
13   Eire Time  - Euphonium Soloist: Gary Curtin (Andrea Price)  [5.51]