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Highlights from Brass in Concert Championships 2015 spacer Code: dvd0071
Product Title: Highlights from Brass in Concert Championships 2015
Artist: Various brass bands
Country: UK
Format: Surround Sound
Region: United States
Price: £24.00
Notes: Recrodred at Sage Gateshead 14 & 15 November 2015 2 DVD’s
DVD 1: Black Dyke Band (Professor Nicholas J Childs ) World of Brass Concert
DVD 2: Brass in Concert Championships
Track List Disc No: 1 Artist Composer Arranger
1   Festive Overture  (Shostakovich / Peter Kitson
2   Jubilance  - Cornet Soloist: Philip Cobb (William Himes
3   Dark-Haired Marie  - Cornet Soloist: Philip Cobb (Trad / Goff Richards
4   Lets Face the Music and Dance  (Berlin / Goff Richards
5   Opus One  (Oliver / Alan Fernie
6   I Only Have Eyes for You  - featuring Adrian Hirst (Bass Trombone) and Dan Thomas (Euphonium) (Warren / Alan Fernie
7   Flourish  - Trumpet Soloist: Philip Cobb (Paul Sharman
8   Mac and Mort  - Cornet Duettists: Philip Cobb & Richard Marshall (Harry Mortimer
9   Fire In the Blood  (Paul Lovatt-Cooper
10   Gaelforce  (Peter Graham
11   Bonus Features: Highlights from the Workshop and Concourse Concert  - Elland Silver Youth Band, Yamaha Neo Ensemble Concerts  
Track List Disc No: 2 Artist Composer Arranger
0   Bonus Feature: Trevor Caffull in conversation with David Thornton and Andy Gregory   
1   Gavorkna Fanfare  - Friary Guildford Band (Chris King) (Jack Stamp / Ian McElligott
2   Malaguena  - Friary Guildford Band (Chris King) (Lecuona / Sammy Nestico / Chris King
3   Hunting Wabbits  - Wingates Band (Paul Andrews) (Gordon Goodwin / Rick Mizell
4   The Mad March Hare’s March and the Well Crazy tea Party  - Wingates Band (Paul Andrews) (Adam Taylor
5   12th Street Rag  - East Yorkshire Motor Services Band (Alan Morrison)featuring Mark Unsworth (trombone) (Bowman / Alan Morrison
6   Sir Duke  - East Yorkshire Motor Services Band (Alan Morrison) (Stevie Wonder / Goff Richards
7   Tam Tak Tak (excerpt) featuring Shri Sriram (bass Guitar & Vocals)  - Hammonds Saltaire Band (Morgan Griffiths) (Shri Sriram
8   They Shall Come from the East  - Hammonds Saltaire Band (Morgan Griffiths) (Kevin Larsson
9   Hungarian Rondo  - Woodfalls Band (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)Euphonium Soloist: Lilian Meurin (Haydn / Luc Vertommen
10   The Enigma Machine  - Woodfalls Band (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) (Paul Lovatt-Cooper
11   Molly on the Shore  - Leyland Band (Thomas Wyss) (Grainger / Snell
12   Hummingbrrd  - Leyland Band (Thomas Wyss) Euphonium Soloist: James McLeod (Steven Bryant / John Doyle
13   Sprites and Flares  - Leyland Band (Thomas Wyss) (Christopher Bond
14   Cadillac of the Silver Screen  - Reg Vardy Band (Russell Gray) (Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
15   Futuristic Flash & Fugue  - Reg Vardy Band (Russell Gray) (Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
16   Swingin’ that Bugle Call  - Reg Vardy Band (Russell Gray) (Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
17   New York from East Coast Pictures  - Virtuosi GUS Band (Adam Cooke) (Nigel Hess / Phillip Littlemore
18   October  - Virtuosi GUS Band (Adam Cooke) (Eric Whitacre / trs. Daniel Yiau
19   Asphalt Cocktail  - Virtuosi GUS Band (Adam Cooke) (John Mackey / trs. Jim Gray
20iii   DefinityIii Dynasty (Zigeunerweisen)  - Flowers Band (Paul Holland)- Euphonium Soloist: David Childs (Jonathan Bates
20iv   In Memorium  - Flowers Band (Paul Holland)  
20v   Finale   
21   Eventus – Lake of Dreams  - Grimethorpe Colliery Band (Dr Robert Childs) (Paul Lovatt-Cooper
22   Lake of Tenderness  - Grimethorpe Colliery Band (Dr Robert Childs) (Ben Hollings
23   The Swan  - Grimethorpe Colliery Band (Dr Robert Childs) Feturing Shaun Crowther, Micheal Dodd, Michael Cavanagh and Nick Young (Saint-Saens / Dan Price
24   Ocean Storms  - Grimethorpe Colliery Band (Dr Robert Childs) (Dan Price
25   Elemental  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) (Philip Harper
26   Fuego!  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) Cornet Soloist: Tom Hutchinson (Philip Harper
27   Aristotle’s Air  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) (Christopher Bond
28   Under the Boardwalk  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) Flugel Horn Soloist: Helen Williams (Kenny Young & Arthur Resnick / Philip Harper
29   The Brigands’ Orgy  - Cory Band (Philip Harper) (Berlioz / Philip Harper
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