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Dark Arteries: The Music of Gavin Higgins spacer Code: bb0961
Product Title: Dark Arteries: The Music of Gavin Higgins
Artist: TredegarTown Band Soloist: Jonathan Pippen
Composer: Gavin Higgins
Conductor: Ian Porthouse
Country: UK
Format: DDD
Price: N/A
Notes: The concept of ‘Brass Band Powered Dance’ is not a familiar one for many of the world’s brass bands, however in May 2015 Tredegar Town Band along with Rambert Dance performed the world premier of ‘Dark Arteries’ at Sadler’s Wells theatre, London. The project explored cultural, historical and musical boundaries interwoven with stories of the brass band movement and the miners industry. The thirtieth anniversary of the 1984 Miner’s strike, is taken as a starting point for the creation of this contemporary piece of music and dance, that looks forward as well as back to the 1980s.
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1I   Fanfares and Love Songs - Bold and to the fore  - Tredegar Town Band   [1.59]
2II   Expressive    [6.34]
3III   Brightly    [4.56]
4I   Dark Arteries - Under the ground, we scream  - Tredegar Town Band   [12.49]
5II   Salt. Dirt. Blood.    [6.26]
6III   These scars across your heart    [13.45]
7   Freaks  - Tredegar Town Band - Soloist: Jonathan Pippen   [10.11]
8   Destroy, Trample, as swiftly as She – Live performance 2011 European Brass Band Championship Stravinsky Auditorium, Montreux  - Tredegar Town Band   [20.06]