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Product Title: New Music for Brass Band
Artist: Fodenís Richardson Band
Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
Country: UK
Format: DDD
Total Playing Time: 72:54
Price: £2.00
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Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   Flowers of the Forest : Reflections on a Scottish Folk Song  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Richard Rodney Bennett / ed. Hindmarsh)  [14.25]
2   The Alchymistís Journal  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Kenneth Hesketh)  [12.25]
3   Altitude  - Fodenís Richardson Band (George Benjamin)  [8.35]
4i   Prague - St Wenceslas Chapel Ė The Ancient Crown of Bohemia  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Judith Bingham)  [3.18]
5ii   Robbi LŲw creates the Golem  - Fodenís Richardson Band   [2.43]
6iii   Charles Bridge    [4.11]
7iv   Wenceslas Square Ė Defeat and Triumph    [2.33]
8   Shadow Songs  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Philip Wilby)  [9.59]
9i   Variations on a Theme of Tippett - Processional (from A Midsummer Marriage)  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Tippett / Hindmarsh)  [0.55]
10ii   Danse des Amis  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Bramwell Tovey)  [1.44]
11iii   Midsummer Song  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Edward Gregson)  [2.58]
12iv   Scherzettino  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Michael Ball / Hindmarsh)  [1.30]
13v   Collage  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Elgar Howarth)  [3.12]
14vi   Birthday Fugue and Finale  - Fodenís Richardson Band (Philip Wilby / Hindmarsh)  [4.26]
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