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Brass Bands of the Salvation Army: Their Mission and Music Vol 1 spacer Code: bk0019
Product Title: Brass Bands of the Salvation Army: Their Mission and Music Vol 1
Artist: by Ronald W Holz
Country: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: N/A
Notes: Foreword by Ray Steadman-Allen. Hardback book, 487 pages.
This book takes a look at the beginnings, development and purpose of Army bands, from the first brass group formed by Charles William Fry in 1878, through to the near professional standards achieved by some bands today. With the help of contributing authors from other countries, band historian Ronald W Holz takes a look into the mission and music of Salvation Army bands.
Early chapters look at band development from 1878-1939 and their organisation administration and function.
Following are representative essays which trace the story to the present day at regional and national level in the UK (Ronald Holz) Canada (Wally Court) Australia (John Cleary) New Zealand (Warren Baas) Sweden (Torgny Hanson) and the USA (Ronald Holz)
The concluding chapter looks at major issues facing the Salvation Army bands in the 21st century.