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Product Title: Concerto
Artist: John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band
Conductor: Major Peter Parkes
Country: UK
Format: DDD
Total Playing Time: 64:15
Price: N/A
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   Euphonium Concerto - Moderato  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Joseph Horovitz)  [17.13]
2   Euphonium Concerto - Lento  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Horovitz
3   Euphonium Concerto - Con moto  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Horovitz
4   Concerto Grosso  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Philip Sparke)  [15.12]
5   Trombone Concerto - Allegro vivace  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Rimsky-Korsakov)  [11.00]
6   Trombone Concerto - Andante cantabile  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Rimsky-Korsakov
7   Trombone Concerto - Allegro  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Rimsky-Korsakov
8   Trio-Concerto - Prelude Allegro Energico  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Denis Wright)  [11.30]
9   Trio- Concerto - Elegy Poco Lento  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Denis Wright
10   Trio - Concerto - Finale Allegro  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Denis Wright
11   Concertino  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Gareth Wood)  [8.55]