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Product Title: In Concert
Artist: Fanfare Orchestra Of The Netherlands
Conductor: Micha Hamel & Jacob Slabter
Country: Netherlands
Format: Dolby
Total Playing Time: 115:24
Price: £2.00
Notes: Because all the NFO’s members have busy professional schedules to keep, the orchestra can play only few concerts per year. One such concert took place at Kerkrade in early July 2001, during the World Music Competition there. We pride ourselves on having captured this very special concert on CD, and not only because it includes three new works written especially for "fanfare" band by Dutch composers. Speaking about the future of "fanfare"...
The Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands has a broad repertoire, and these CDs prove
it to the full. So you are in for some surprises. It is no accident that the title of
the first track - Eclips - has found its way into the design. It symbolizes the transition
from innovative contemporary music (on CD 1) to works that appeal to a wider public (on CD 2). The fact that all pieces were recorded live adds enormous value to these CDs.
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Track List Disc No: 1 Artist Composer Arranger
1   Eclips  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Otto Ketting)  [13.32]
2   Persephone  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Kees Olthuis)  [25.48]
3   Disco  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Geert van Keulen)  [9.44]
Track List Disc No: 2 Artist Composer Arranger
1   Overture to Candide  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Leonard Bernstein / Danny Oosterman)  [4.44]
2   Arsenal  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Jan Van der Roost)  [3.46]
3   Rhapsody for Flugelhorn  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands - soloist: Frits Damrow (Andre Waignein)  [6.48]
41   Romeo and Juliet - The Montagues and the Capulets  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Sergey Prokofiev / Hans van der Heide)  [5.01]
52   Masks  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands   [1.57]
63   Romeo at Juliet's Grave  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands   [4.44]
74   Tybalt's Death  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands   [4.30]
85   Juliet's Death  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands   [4.27]
9   Hymn to the Fallen  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Williams / Klaas van der Woude)  [5.57]
10   Brasilia  - SFanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands - oloist: Jorgen van Rijen (Robin Dewhurst)  [4.52]
11   Journey into Freedom  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Eric Ball / Sytze van der Hoek)  [12.58]
12   River Dance  - Fanfare Orchestra of the Netherlands (Bill Whelan / Gert Buitenhuis)  [6.24]
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