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Hat Trick - Classic Brass Series Vol 1 spacer Code: dvd0017
Product Title: Hat Trick - Classic Brass Series Vol 1
Artist: Black Dyke Mills Band - National Champions 1975
Conductor: Major Peter Parkes and Roy Newsome
Country: Belgium
Format: Surround Sound
Region: Europe
Price: £6.00
Notes: Digitally remastered from a Decca record of 1976
This DVD is an AUDIO ONLY format with no video streams, it allows you to listen to historical Brass Band recordings in today's sound formats. There are 3 sound formats on this DVD -
16 bit stereo (used for CD format)
24 bit uncompressed - stereo - high resolution sound. DVD quality
DTS - 4.0 (Digital Theatre Sound).
Complete with interactive menu for track selection via your TV screen.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This DVD is produced in the PAL format, Customers whose country uses NTSC format must ensure their DVD player can play PAL format.

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Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   Viva Birkinshaw  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Rimmer)  [4.15]
2   Spanish Caprice  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Baldwin)  [2.53]
3   Hat Trick  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Newsome)  [2.43]
4   Mexico Grandstand  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Begg)  [2.05]
5   Une vie de Matelot (A Sailors life)  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Farnon)  [11.13]
6   The Mill on the Cliff (Die Felsenmuhle)  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Reissiger / Rimmer)  [6.45]
7   From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific  - Black Dyke Mills Band - Cornet Solo: Philip McCann (Clarke)  [5.50]
8   Sandon  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Trad / Newsome)  [2.43]
9   Finale from The New World Symphony  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Dvorak / Nicholl)  [5.52]
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