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The Concert Sound spacer Code: bb0015
Product Title: The Concert Sound
Artist: John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band
Conductor: Major Peter Parkes & David Loukes
Country: UK
Format: DDD
Total Playing Time: 52:48
Price: N/A
Track List Artist Composer Arranger
1   The Norwegian Artists' Carnival  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Johan Svendsen / Peter Parkes)  [6.16]
2   Czardas - Der Geist des Woiwoden  - Black Dyke Mills Band (L Grossman)  [6.22]
3   The Shadow of Your Smile  - Black Dyke Mills Band - Flugelhorn Solo: David Pogson (P Webster & J Mandel / Dennis Wilby)  [3.10]
4   Three Haworth Impressions - Top Withens  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Gordon Langford)  [12.33]
5   Three Haworth Impressions - Three Bells  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Gordon Langford
6   Three Haworth Impressions- The Worth Valley Railway  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Gordon Langford
7   Knight Templar  - Black Dyke Mills Band (George Allen)  [4.27]
8   Czardas No 1  - Black Dyke Mills Band - Cornet Solo: Phillip McCann (Vittorio Monti)  [5.07]
9   Goose Fair from Nott'num Town  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Allan Street)  [3.07]
10   Overture: Les Francs Juges(The Judges of the Secret Court)  - Black Dyke Mills Band (Berlioz / Frank Wright)  [10.58]